Walter homes has a range of services on offer which can be utilised as a whole or individually to aid in the design, construction and the fit-out of your newly built home.

We will give you an obligation free site inspection and assessment of the property.

We can arrange for surveying, service disconnections and connections, and council requirements on the block of land for you as there may be design and physical restrictions on the building of your future home upon it.

We offer a design service for you. Walter homes has a design team which will meet with you to discuss, listen and advise with you on your design, construction and lifestyle requirements. The designs which they will present to you will incorporate the latest building techniques and materials.

We'll take control of the whole process of submitting your plans to council once your engineering, landscape and architectural plans have been finalised to your satisfaction.

We can also build your council approved or CDC approved plans.

We can also make available to you a decorator and colour consultant to assist in your decision making in this area.

Our renowned landscape architect will assist in your garden design and construction needs.

We can source for you products for your home whether it be a fridge, TV, carpets, flooring or furniture at an extremely competitive rate that will keep money in your pocket.