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Dear David and Brett,

We began the daunting new project of building a new house for the first time in our lives. It was an undertaking that we took lightly at first. We had seen several 'Homeworld' houses before driving past a beautiful house that had been built near our house. The builders were completing the finishing touches for the house. We were excited and stepped in and introduced ourselves and asked for a tour of the house.

We liked the quality and the mix of modern and classic design themes throughout the house. It was then we took our first steps with your company. We were impressed with David's dedication and hard work. He explained all aspects of the building process clearly to us.

David had helped us from step one with all the paperwork, selections of materials until the end of building our house and handover. It is vital however to do all your research and have everything in writing before signing the contract to avoid variations. We had several challenging times arising from variations, which needed to be worked through with David & Brett.

Brett is the other half of the company where he looked after the actual building process of the house and the site. He got all the tradesmen to do quality job and also answered all of our questions. His high standards for a quality finish ensured we have a quality finished house.

It has been over 6 years since the completion of our house. Within this period we had requested serveral maintenance jobs and touch up work which was completed to a good standard.

Therefore we would like to say a big "Thank You" for David and Brett for building us our beautiful house which is exceptional in quality and design.

Thank you

Kind regards and happy owners of a new home.
Kumaresh and Brintha Siva

We are very happy to present our full-hearted appreciation for your work, which combined with high-level engineering techniques and skilful craftsmanship, to build an excellent and brilliant house for us.

Since we moved in, the appearance of the house not only presenting a beautiful outlook, but also bring us unlimited pleasure and happiness. Living in this home almost a year, we feel our home contains a strong structure, beautiful craftsmanship, and comfortable design.

Our family was deeply moved by your high level of profession and ethics, (each brick and tile on my home reflect the hardworking and wisdom of your work), and excellent customer services.

Mr & Mrs Wang

"Walter Homes took care of the project from day 1. It was as easy as choose the design and the rest was taken care of. Communication was first class with constant updates - we really felt in control of both the quality and the budget."

Joseph King

"Brett and David Walter take obvious pride in their workmanship, the professionalism of their people, and pay close attention to detail to ensure that the quality of the finished product is not compromised. The partnership we enjoyed with Walter Homes has resulted in a residence we are proud to call home." 

Cec, Eve and Paul Smith

"...that the house is just as good in virtually every aspect as when it first received the housing award in 1998. Indeed, I have every good reason to believe that the house will stand just as good after some 40 years time. We thank you again for having built such a good house for us and we are proud to be the lucky owners."

Lawrence Do

"While we had our dream, Walter Homes have built our home to a standard better than expectations. Quality of workmanship were a hallmark of construction. We are delighted with the overall finish, robustness and serviceability of construction. Without the earnest concerns, advice, detail and standards by Brett we would not have achieved the result which both Walter Homes and ourselves are proud of."

Bill and Lesley Knox